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Welcome to our clinic! 


We are extremely happy to help you reach your health and wellness goals!
At Mat-Su Integrative Medicine we pride ourselves on blending conventional medicine and innovative testing with nutrition, bioidentical hormones, herbal and complementary techniques in order to help each person in an individualized and patient-centered approach.  Our goal is to use the least-harmful and most cost-effective methods possible to determine the cause of your symptoms; and then to correct the underlying problem by clearing toxicity and rebalancing your body's metabolism and energy using nutrition, herbs and other methods.
Prescription drugs and referrals to medical specialists are certainly used when appropriate as well.  Each treatment plan is individualized and directed largely by patients themselves based on a thorough explanation of available information and options.  We feel our duty is to educate and inform patients as much as possible so they can make good decisions about their health.


A brief message about our mission from Dr. Ty Vincent:

We are a small clinic attempting to deliver excellent innovative holistic health care to patients in a new model of practice since 2007. Please give us any feedback you can to help us serve you best.


Dr. Vincent and Staff